Dice Media partners with Closeup and So Good for Please Find Attached

Dice Media Partners With Closeup and So Good for Season 2 of its Workplace Romance Series Please Find Attached

After the massive success of the first season of Pocket Ace’s Please Find Attached, the brand has brought the second season for its viewers. The series is a workplace romance, featuring Ayush Mehra and Barkha Singh on the lead roles. The first season was able to garner more than 46 million views across all platforms. The second season is powered by Closeup and So Good with the collaboration with Mindshare. The first of six episodes of the series went live on the Dice Media’s YouTube channel, on October 30, 2020.

Speaking about the association, Ajay Mehta, Sr. Vice President Content+, Mindshare India said, “The youth is increasingly getting skewed towards OTT platforms for entertaining and path-breaking content. Being a romantic show which appealed to young couples, Please Find Attached was a sweet spot for Closeup, a brand thriving on freshness that brings two people closer. At Mindshare, we’ve always tried finding synergy between the brand’s philosophy and the show’s ethos which together creates a strong association with the audience. The chemistry between the show’s protagonists was a perfect fit for Closeup and there’s more in store to engage with the audiences and take the brand story forward. So stay tuned!”

Commenting on the launch, General Manager, Rohit Bhagat, Life Health Foods, said, “Life Health Foods has been an active partner with Pocket Aces this season and are excited to see the great outcome of our partnership with So Good and Please Find Attached Season 2. Along with our work with Gobble, Dice and FilterCopy projects, we have found that the professionalism and creativeness of the Pocket Aces team has made this journey easy and enjoyable. We look forward to partnering again in future activities.”

Commenting on the launch, Vishwanath Shetty, VP, Sales, Pocket Aces, said, “At Pocket Aces, we have always believed in the power of a compelling narrative that resonates with a brand’s vision and targets the right audience as a strong way to penetrate the market. Please Find Attached chronicles an extremely relatable story of a millennial urban couple, who despite their personal and professional clashes, share the perfect close bond that fits well with Closeup’s messaging of how freshness can rekindle a greater closeness. Similarly, So Good’s dairy-free beverages act as a great companion to the couple’s growth as well, as they come of age and start prioritizing health and wellness. Please Find Attached fills in for a show like Little Things that is backed by strong demand from both our audiences as well as our brand partners. It is extremely thrilling for us to partner with five iconic brands including Asian Paints, Manforce Condoms, and Plum Goodness in Season 2 of Please Find Attached, who with their individual USPs bring in the biggest value proposition for us, calling in to be the perfect fit for this concept. I foresee this as a stepping stone to many such fruitful associations in the future.”

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