Dice Media Releases Firsts S6 With Prega News and Country Delight

Dice Media returns with Season 6 of its franchise Instagram series, ‘Firsts’

Dice Media returns with a new Season of its franchise Instagram series, ‘Firsts’, following the success of five super-hit seasons. ‘Firsts’ is the franchise Instagram series by Dice Media and is also the longest-running digital property in the country.

Season 6 will be showcasing an enriching journey of a young couple who faces an unplanned pregnancy and eventually takes a leap of faith into parenthood. Country Delight and Prega News make the ideal collaborators for ‘Firsts 6’ as they continue to be the perfect companions in every to-be mother’s lives all across the country.

The previous seasons of ‘Firsts’ have beautifully captured the first moments that people experience in every relationship. Each season dealt with various topics such as LGBTQ+ relationships, college romance, arranged marriages and the acceptance of the specially-abled in a unique love story.

Commenting on the partnership, Joy Chatterjee, General Manager – Sales & Marketing, Mankind Pharma said, “Prega News is the No.1 brand in the category. The concept of the film perfectly matches our product proposition. We realised that it is the perfect opportunity to showcase why Prega News is an essential part of every mother’s life whenever she is expecting a newborn. The product is known for its accurate results and is widely trusted by doctors and millions of consumers. Prega News shares an irreplaceable bond between an expecting mother and a baby. Millions of women have embarked on a journey of motherhood, and we take pride in being their companion during the happiest moments of life. We are remarkably delighted to partner with Dice Media on this beautiful conceptualisation of a young couple becoming parents.”

Shradha Agarwal, COO and Strategy Head, Grapes Digital said, “We are extremely happy and pleased that Prega News and Dice Media have come together, and we got a chance to make this happen. When we saw the storyline and concept, we thought of striking an emotional chord with the audience and that’s why we came up with the idea. Prega News is the preferred companion of millions of expecting mothers. The experience holds much more significance when a couple is welcoming their first child. We wanted to highlight the same love, compassion and cherishable moments of life through this partnership. ‘Firsts’ has always kept the fun and laughter quotient high and Season 6 will be no different. I am confident that it will live up to the expectation of the audience.

Speaking about the association, Kunal Langer, AVP, Branded Content Sales, Pocket Aces says, “Firsts has been a successful franchise where we always aim to showcase interesting relationship-based stories with emotional bonds that connect with our audiences from all age- groups. As our audiences have matured, so have our storylines and with Season 6 delving into an unplanned pregnancy of a couple, we aim to add to a new milestone to our innovative content narratives. Country delight and Prega News make the perfect fit for us to present the ideal brand association and we are extremely glad to have them on board with us. As our roadmap is to find unique storylines that are relatable to the constantly progressing audience and fans, we are hopeful to continue our wonderful associations in future.”

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