Diljit Dosanjh and Varun Sharma’s amusing encounter with TSP’s Rabish Kumar

Prank with Diljit gone wrong_Rabish_E07

Everyone’s favorite actor and singer Diljit Dosanjh, whose next, Arjun Patiala, is soon to hit theatres on 26th July, teams up with his co-star Varun Sharma, for an amusing interaction with The Screen Patti’s (TSP) newscaster Rabish Kumar, played by comedic genius Shivankit Parihar, in the latest sketch, Prank with Diljit Dosanj Gone Wrong | Prime Time with Rabish.

When Rabish’s wallet gets pickpocketed, he decides the man for the job is police officer Arjun Patiala, aka Diljit Dosanjh. Rabish gets to pick the razor-sharp brain of not one, but two world-class cops. Varun Sharma, who plays cop Onida Singh in Arjun Patiala, also joins in the fun-filled conversation. Pranks, jabs and hilarity galore, this sketch will showcase a completely different side to Rabish and bring forth Diljit’s mischievous side.

Speaking about his take on the latest video of the popular satire, Shivankit quipped, “Rabish as a character has been a very special one for me. Ever since we brought him to life, Rabish has been widely appreciated and loved by our audiences. Diljit and Varun’s presence in this latest video is proof of the growing popularity that this character has enjoyed. There was a different sense of energy that could be witnessed in the video and it was extremely fun working with him. We hope that our viewers have as uproarious a time watching this sketch as we had while shooting it.”

In their first association with TSP, Diljit and Varun promote their latest feature with side-splitting antics. Diljit dishes on his upcoming movie, songs and crushes in this must-see video.

Watch this sketch to find out more: here

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