Discover the Untold Story: ‘Jogeshwaricha Pati Bhairavnath’ Marks Shemaroo MarathiBana’s Debut Original Mytho Show


On the auspicious occasion of Shravan, Shemaroo MarathiBana has a special treat for its viewers. The channel is set to premiere its first original mythology show ‘Jogeshwaricha Pati Bhairavnath’ on the 21st of August 2023 at 8:30pm. For the very first time, a channel will be showcasing the story of a village’s guardian deity, known as a ‘gramdevta,’ a belief firmly rooted in the dynamic heritage of Maharashtra. Produced under the banner of Yelkotti Production Opc Pvt Ltd, spearheaded by the renowned writer, director, and producer of the Marathi industry, Mr. Santosh Ayachit, the show boasts a stellar cast including Pratik Nikam, Kshama Deshpande, Rohan Ekke, and Shweta Naik.

Jogeshwaricha Pati Bhairavnath narrates the enchanting untold love story of Bhairavnath & Jogeshwari, intricately linked to their deep connection with Shankar and Parvati. The show expertly combines the elements of culture and devotion, presenting them to the viewers in an engaging way.

Commenting on the premiere of the first original show Sandeep Gupta, COO of Broadcasting Business at Shemaroo Entertainment said,The launch of our first original mythological show ‘Jogeshwaricha Pati Bhairavnath’ on Shemaroo MarathiBana, marks a significant step in our quest to bring captivating narratives rooted in ancient lore to our discerning audience. This premiere serves as a pioneering moment for the channel, as we proudly unveil the untold and captivating narrative of Bhairavnath and Jogeshwari for the very first time on Indian television. By bringing these revered characters and their story to life, we aim to cater to the diverse interests of our audience.”

Mr. Santosh Ayachit the producer of the show added “We are eagerly looking forward to the premiere of our upcoming show on Shemaroo MarathiBana. This marks the first instance where viewers will have the opportunity to witness the characters of Bhairavnath and Jogeshwari come to life on screen. Despite their references in our scriptures and manuscripts, their story has remained untouched in the visual medium. Our aspiration is to represent their narrative authentically and create a connection with the audience and hope we do justice to it.”

Have you ever encountered the enigma of Jogeshwari and Bhairavnath? Now is your opportunity to delve into their untold tale, as ‘Jogeshwaricha Pati Bhairavnath’ unfolds its enchanting narrative on Shemaroo MarathiBana, from the 21st of August 2023 at 8.30 PM.

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