Epic Launches Three Celebrity-Packed New Shows For The Month Of October

Anurag Kashyap on Epic

EPIC Channel, continues to bring to its audiences select, and eclectic offerings in the infotainment genre. For October, its three propositions include gripping travel stories in ‘The Road Less Travelled’; a story of India told like no other by Sadhguru in ‘Bharat – The Rhythm Of A Nation with Sadhguru’ and a look into the life, times, and careers of some of India’s most talented in ‘The Creative Indians’.

‘The Road Less Travelled’ adheres to a seasoned traveller’s ethic of spontaneity and willingness. Godzilla fame Globetrotter Jonathan Legg travels across India in search of exotic locations and unusual experiences, in search of moments not found in the conventional and rutted route, and often experience the bizarre side of a destination. From exploring unexplored paths in Mumbai, Kolkata, Orissa, as well as the Himalayas, the host dives right into the heart of a seemingly crazy, yet fascinating country. The show will air only on EPIC on 1st October.

‘Bharat- Rhythm Of A Nation with Sadhguru’ explores the story of India, from history to an understanding of culture, and identity. In this specially curated series of talks, one of the foremost spiritual thinkers of India – Sadhguru explains what makes India, India. He discusses the essence, the spirit, of Bharat – the religious, social, economic, and spiritual core of the country and how they affect and impact every single person living in the country. He covers myriad subjects, from rivers as lifelines, to the racial and ethnic identities that make up the population of the country.

‘The Creative Indians’ is intent, and does a fantastic job of introducing, showcasing, and attempting to decipher the finest minds in India in the fields of performing, literary, and liberal arts. From depicting, and analyzing the creative process of an artist, the show captures an artists’ characteristic approach to his art form and the skill that defines his craft. The show features documentaries on A.R.Rahman, Anurag Kashyap, Anita Dongre, Adhuna & Avan Contractor, amongst others. The 10 episodic series will release on 3rd October.

As a carefully considered exception, and incremental to it’s pioneering offering as India’s only Hindi language infotainment channel, these shows will be offered in English. Akul Tripathi, Content and Programming head, EPIC Channel said, “EPIC’s vision is to be a platform for the best infotainment of, for, and by India. We endeavour to showcase India in all its diversity, and believe that like it’s people its stories come in several languages. With one of the biggest English language speaking populations in the world, dispersed across the country, it would be a disservice to the vision, if we were to abandon great stories on basis of language. And some stories are best told in the language they were made in. We are carefully selecting such stories that we will present through an English slot Mon-Wed at 10:30 pm and are confident that the freshness it brings will add value, perspective, and be a compelling incremental proposition to the EPIC library.”

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