Fawad Khan and Sajal Ali’s Behadd to premiere on Indian television!

Fawad Khan and Sajal Ali’s Behadd to premiere on Indian television!

Continuing to entertain its audience with significant stories, Zindagi is set to premiere a slice of life and award winning telefilm, Behadd, that revolves around the parent-child dynamics. The film stars the most loved and versatile actor, Fawad Khan and immensely talented actors Nadia Jamil and Mom fame star Sajal Ali in pivotal roles. Directed by visionary director Asim Raza, the telefilm is set to premiere on Zindagi’s DTH platforms Tata Play, Dish TV and D2H on 11th September at 8 pm.

Written by Umera Ahmed, Behadd brings together aspiring, relatable and simple characters that strike a chord with the audiences in no time. The telefilm reflects upon the strong and sensitive relationship between a mother and daughter and how the slightest hint of selfishness in emotions can lead to pain and heartache. Behadd traces the journey of a single mother, Masooma (Played by Nadia Jamil), who is left to take care of her daughter Maha (Played by Sajal Ali) after the unfortunate death of her husband. Along her journey as a single parent, Masooma crosses paths with Jamal (Played by Fawad Khan) and they

realize that they have much more in common than they could ever hope for. As their bond grows deeper, Maha (Sajal Aly) experiences feelings of insecurity and possessiveness towards her mother. A series of events and certain actions of Maha cause Masooma and Jamal to drift apart.

Talking about the show and her experience, actor Sajal Ali said, “Behadd is a film that highlights various aspects of a mother-daughter relationship and its dynamics. Slipping into Maha’s role was extremely challenging as it required me to portray drastic emotions, thus adding many layers to the character. Moreover, it was a great experience working with incredible actors like Nadia Jamil and Fawad Khan. I thoroughly enjoyed this creative process and am looking forward to the film’s premiere on Zindagi’s DTH platforms.”

 Set to entertain and engage the audience yet again, Zindagi brings the beautiful story of Behadd that focuses on relationship dynamics, the emotion of selflessness and selfishness!

Don’t forget to tune in to 154 on Tata Play, and 117 on Dish TV and D2H to witness the Indian Television premiere of Behadd on 11th September, 2022 at 8 PM!

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