Filter Copy To Make TATA Tea Gold’s #DilKiSunoStories Highlighting Women’s Dilemma


There’s a new web series in town which showcases the many dilemmas women face. TATA Tea Gold’s #DilKiSunoStories is urging women to cast away these dilemmas and apprehensions and move ahead steadfastly, following their heart. 

To be aired on Pocket Aces popular video channel Filter Copy,  Season 2.0 of Dil Ki Suno Stories urges today’s women to listen to their heart.

Speaking on the matter, Puneet Das, SVP – Marketing, Packaged Beverages – TATA Consumer Products said, “Tata Tea Gold’s proposition “Dil Ki Suno” inspires and encourages consumers to listen to their heart and follow their own calling. Tata Tea Gold has been bringing alive its brand’s narrative of Dil Ki Suno through pop culture stories of today’s women who have listened to their heart and pursued their own passion. After a successful season1 last year, we continue this journey, with a content partnership with FilterCopy this year. For Tata Tea Gold, this content partnership is aimed at connecting with consumers at an emotional level.”

Addressing Women’s Dilemmas 

Tata Tea Gold, a marque brand from Tata Consumer Products, celebrates this International Women’s Day, by launching ‘Dil Ki Suno Stories’ season 2.0, with India’s leading digital entertainment company, Pocket Aces’ short form storytelling channel, FilterCopy. Both brands constantly push for the gold standard for excellence in their respective domains, which is why the two joined hands to accomplish Tata Tea Gold’s purpose by leveraging Pocket Aces’ expertise in storytelling. Through the webseries, these stories bring alive the dilemmas that are faced by today’s Indian women in their everyday life, and how they overcome them by listening to their hearts.

  • Starring seasoned actors, the webseries consist of 5 webisodes of 10 – 12 minutes each covering a wide range of dilemmas, such as choosing between marriage and career, to follow your own dream job or being part of the family business.
  •  All the webisodes are musings of simple everyday instances and dilemmas that are faced by today’s women in pursuit of listening to their heart. 
  • Akin to FilterCopy’s value proposition of creating relatable and engaging content, Dil Ki Suno’s storyline followed the same principles, making the channel the perfect partner to tell Tata Tea Gold’s story. 
  • Furthermore, the unrivaled quality of content put out by Dice Media and FilterCopy appealed to Tata Tea Gold.

Anupama Ramaswamy, Managing Partner & National Creative Director, Dentsu Impact also added “As a brand, Tata Tea Gold has always believed that listening to your heart is the right way to go. It may not be easy, but at the end, it’s always satisfying. However, for women, listening to their heart becomes tougher for various reasons – whether they are personal or societal. With Dil Ki Suno stories season 2, we want to inspire women across the country to listen to their hearts and chart out their own path. We want to tell them that it’s okay to do things to satisfy yourself, fulfill your own wishes, and chase your dreams, no matter what the mind says.”

Banking on Filter Copy’s Progressive Storytelling

Speaking about the association, Vishwanath Shetty, VP, Sales, Pocket Aces, said, “FilterCopy is known for its progressive storytelling and compelling content which has built the fair share of its fan base over the years. Our audiences are invested in our content and look forward to relatable stories from us. Tata Tea Gold’s Dil Ki Suno is all about bold, and inspiring stories, which aim to inspire viewers to listen to their heart & passion and this has resonated well with the new age audience we have on FilterCopy who is willing to take the plunge & listen to their hearts. We are sure this partnership will create new benchmarks in bold and fearless storytelling.”

Over the last year, the pandemic caused a lot of disruption across industries. However, it has also accelerated online content consumption by manifolds. Among the front runners is FilterCopy, which has become a household name when it comes to creating relatable rich content for today’s young generation in India. In the last year alone, FilterCopy has experimented with new content formats, and genres, including FilterCopy Mini. Through this, the channel was able to break ground in the online content space, with its impactful and powerful storytelling. FilterCopy has also added several new-age as well as legacy brands to their kitty, through their associations in the branded content space.

The webisodes are aired on FilterCopy’s social media pages digital platform. This brings great synergy and resonance with the brand’s target audience.



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