Gaurav Chopra on Viu’s Love Lust and Confusion

Gaurav Chopra

The second season of Love Lust and Confusion is back with a bang. This time around, the show sees the handsome Gaurav Chopra in what he claims is his most challenging role till date.  

When asked about his experience shooting the second season of the show, Gaurav Chopra said, “I could relate with the character Rahil Khan to the point where it was difficult for me to draw the line, Rahil and I are that similar. Even Victor, who is the writer and director of the show felt the same when he cast me.  To be honest, playing Rahil Khan is a personal experience because the character is very similar to me. The situations that he faces are circumstances that I have actually faced in my life and dealt with them. So I have actually used that very experience to play the character this time. When you watch it, you’ll understand what I mean.”

Starring the likes of Tara Alisha Berry, Gaurav Chopra, Shiv Pandit,  Meiyang Chang and Rajat Baremecha, this intriguing tale continues from where it left off last season. The audience shall once again see Poroma undergoing a turmoil as her confusions regarding love, desires and all the feelings that come with it are far from reaching its conclusion.

To watch the amazing performances of the actors and the thrilling episodes of the series, stay tuned to Love Lust and Confusion Season 2 on the Viu app.

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