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Get ready to step into the life of a Gangster with Star Movies Select HD

MediaInfoline November 18, 2017

Gangsters. They’re an evil, uncouth, unlawful lot, causing a real menace to the society. That, usually, is our outlook towards gangsters and in most parts its true. What we don’t focus on though, is the backstory that pushed them into becoming the way they are. What made Gangsters… ‘Gangsters?’ This is a question Star Movies Select HD answers with their new curated festival ‘Gangsters of Hollywood.’

Airing every Saturday and Sunday at 9PM, from the 18th of November, Star Moves Select HD brings some hard-hitting narratives around Gangsters and their backstories.

With 10 movies that take you through riveting stories, Star Movies Select HD keeps its promise of showing its viewers premium content, through this festival!

In Donnie Brasco, see how an undercover FBI agent Joseph.D.Pistone infiltrates a crime organisation in New York, only to slowly sympathise with them. The film leaves the viewer with an essential question, will the Undercover agent join the very organisation he was supposed to eradicate?

The French Connection is an Academy Award winning film which takes us through the story of two NYPD Detectives, Jimmy Doyle and Buddy Russo. The film revolves around how the duo try and bring down a crime syndicate which deals with smuggling drugs.

The ‘Gangsters of Hollywood’ also features classics such as the The Drop, starring Tom Hardy and James Gandolfini, and Animal Kingdom starring Guy Pierce and Joel Edgerton. The British crime comedy Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, starring Sting and the debutant Jason Statham is also one to watch out for in the festival.

Watch these amazing movies and explore the intricacies of human emotion. For beneath all the greed and violence, there is a story to tell, and so much to explore.

Catch ‘Gangsters of Hollywood’ every weekend, starting 18th November at 9PM, only on Star Movies Select HD.


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