Glittering Bijoya Sammelan by TV9 Bangla

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TV9 Bangla wore a gala festive look in the days of the just concluded Durga Puja festivities. A number of competitions were organised apart from a string of heart-warming programmes around what is certainly the grandest and most inclusive festival of the Bengalis. The best community pujas, pujas of residential apartments, best pandal, those adhering to the highest environment and safety standards we selected from the city and the districts.

The programmes around the pujas began almost a month before the festivities kicked off. “Anya Agamani”, a programme of a completely different kind regaled the audience on the day of Mahalaya. Specially crafted series titled “Anya Durga”, “Rajbarir Golpo”, “Banglar Pujor Itihash”,”Pujor Bioscope”, “Pujor Adda”, “Mayer Pujo Meyer Hatey” were aired to spice up the festive days.

TV9 Bangla has awarded a total of 27 puja organisers in nine categories in the city of Kolkata apart from felicitating community pujas from the districts. From those selected for awards from the entire state, TV9 Bangla selected the best of the best for nine awards in the Bijoya Sammelan. 

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