Gubbare launches season 2 of popular show ‘Roro Aur Hero – Bhoot Mast Zabardast’

Gubbare launches season 2 of popular show ‘Roro Aur Hero – Bhoot Mast Zabardast’

Building upon the immense success of its debut season, Roro Aur Hero – Bhoot Mast Zabardast, is back with a brand-new season on IN10 Media Network’s kids’ channel, Gubbare, to enthral the audiences again.

The show revolves around Roro, a naughty 10-year-old boy who meets Hero, a 12-year-old ghost who decides to school Roro in all the tricks and hacks of life in his dramatic way. The second season will offer its viewers an enhanced level of entertainment with an array of new comical characters and captivating storylines.

“We launched the show last year in April, and the response to the first season was overwhelming. We’ve worked tirelessly to bring an even more exhilarating experience this time around and are thrilled to present Roro Aur Hero – Bhoot Mast Zabardast season 2 to our dedicated fans and new audiences. Viewers can expect a perfect blend of comedy, adventure, and heart-warming moments that will captivate audiences of all ages,” said Brian D’Costa, AVP – Content & Strategy, Gubbare.

The fans will meet two new characters – Pappu and Lappu – who are ghost-hunters and use gadgets to track down ghosts, often creating additional challenges and thrills for Roro and Hero. While Pappu is a level-headed decision-maker, Lappu’s silly and foolish antics often lead to trouble, resulting in comical chaos throughout the season. Additionally, another character called Babban is introduced as Lappu and Pappu’s friend, who provides them with innovative gadgets to help capture Hero.

The new season will also take the viewers into new worlds exploring space, aliens, and history among others.

Available in Hindi, English, Tamil, and Telugu, season 2 will air on Gubbare on 29th May at 1:00 pm and 3:00 pm.

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