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“Haba Goba” launched by storytelling platform Terribly Tiny Tales

Shreoshree Chakrabarty October 19, 2020

Haba Goba is a Bengali word which translates to someone who is cute but silly. This exactly explains and explores the differences in present- day dating. The subtle turn of event follows, as the characters prepare themselves for their special date. This explores the idea of what getting intimate can mean in ‘these strange times’. Featuring Ritwik Bhowmik (Bandish Bandits), RJ Prerna Nahata (Radio Mirchi) and Tridha Choudhary (Dahleez), this short film is directed by Viral Shah.

Putting forth the fact that virtual dating has escalated during the pandemic with a surge in swipe volume and messages sent on Tinder, this partnership aesthetically catches the newer dating meetings and uncertain plots via text-based, video and visual content.

From its digitally native community, TTT has brought the fact of mere beginning of opportunities when two people swipe right on each other. The experiences that have had on Tinder vary from getting a job offer, finding a best friend or discovering one’s sexuality.

Amrit Paul and Sadaf Khan, Brand Collaborations at TTT commented on the collaboration, “The last few months have not been the most ideal for meeting people, let alone meeting someone new. But we find ways, don’t we? Even if not in person, even if six feet apart”.

“We had stories of people talking about experiences they’ve had in the past, as well as telling us how they are navigating today’s challenges. Month by month. Virtual dates, or meeting outside (but staying socially distant) or quarantining together. Or taking the test and making sure it’s safe to get intimate for a “special date”, only to find it not going the way they’d imagined — which is the premise of Haba Goba! As with every collaboration, we’ve developed a unique visual language that ties together the tales, the illustrations, the animated videos and the film. This one has a style we’ve grown quite fond of”.

They further added, “What’s been particularly exciting, though, was the kind of varied stories we were able to share with the world. Stories of coming out. Of transitioning. Of unexpected friendships that can be as fulfilling as romances. Love that is not filmy. Love that is filmy but not Bollywood. Representation matters, and to see ourselves or some aspect of our identities reflected in the kind of content we consume — this is why we do what we do at TTT”.

The short story has already been viewed by 2 Million people and massive audience responses have been received. To watch ‘Haba Goba’ on TTT’s YouTube channel, click here.


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