HISTORY TV18 unveils ‘Moon Landing: The Lost Tapes’

Moon Landing: The Lost Tapes

On the 50th anniversary of NASA’s most audacious achievement, “Moon Landing: The Lost Tapes” reveals the incredible true story of mankind’s greatest leap. “Moon Landing: The Lost Tapes” premieres 19th July, 10 PM exclusively on HISTORY TV18.

On July 16, 1969, the world watched as the three Apollo 11 astronauts attempted the impossible: to ride a controlled explosion off Planet Earth, land on another celestial body and return home. As the nine-day mission proceeded, audio from mission control captured the drama as it unfolded— each moment revealing new dangers, new decisions and new wonders. For the first time on television, this documentary utilizes “lost tapes” of the astronauts, recorded before and after the mission, along with rare film and photos.

The Americans were not the only ones trying for the moon in July of 1969…the Soviets were there, too. President Nixon had already prepared a eulogy for the possible death of the astronauts on their mission to the moon.

The documentary reveals the doubts and fears of the astronauts as they stood on the brink of history.  The mission was nearly aborted twice, as the crew faced a mysterious alarm sounding in the spacecraft, and when fuel levels ran dangerously low.

Watch History being made on “Moon Landing: The Lost Tapes” on 19th July, 10PM

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