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hoichoi announces a thriller titled #PabitraPuppies

MediaInfoline June 1, 2020

Within a week of the release of their series – Case Jaundice, which was entirely conceptualised, shot & edited from home, hoichoi is already announcing their next – a thriller named #PabitraPuppies by Debaloy Bhattacharya, by revealing the Official Poster of the web series today.

#PabitraPuppies is a crime thriller solely shot from respective mobile phones of the lead cast, following the directives and regulations amidst the lockdown, for the safety of the people involved in the project.

hoichoi aims to provide 24*7 entertainment during these trying times for their audience. Hence, after the immense success of Debaloy’s last 3 web series with hoichoi, namely, ‘Charitraheen’, ‘Charitraheen 2’ and ‘Montu Pilot’, the audience of hoichoi have been urging for a new series from him and as a customer priority app – hoichoi got the next content from the man himself!

Written & Directed by Debaloy Bhattacharya, #PabitraPuppies is about 7 friends stuck at home due to the lockdown in various parts of the world, united by their love of gaming and talks on their WhatsApp group replicating the name of the series.

A group of college friends are use their existing WhatsApp group #PabitraPuppies to keep in touch. Apart from chatting, they occasionally have video-call parties and DEATH ZONE (PUBG) sessions. With the corona epidemic setting in, all have taken refuge in this group, spending sleepless nights in video-calls and DEATH ZONE missions. Starved souls, with no sex, booze, fun, all the depression and frustration get its vent in this chat box.

At one point of time they feel they are getting addicted to the game to no end, so, they try to quit. They try out other games like Antakshari and Truth or Dare, but in vain. They desperately get back to the game and that night, one of the friends, Daniel gets killed in the mission. Late in the night as they are busy chatting in a video call, for some reason Daniel remains absent.

The next morning, a video comes to the rest of the 5 from Daniel’s phone. The video of Daniel committing suicide by suffocating himself in a plastic bag. This mysterious suicide seems to be a murder and thus, gets the friends mixed up in a more dangerous game than they ever anticipated playing – with their own lives!

Commenting on the series, lead cast member Vikram Chatterjee said, “The shooting process was complicated yet a lot of fun because we had to shoot from our various locations – I was doing it from Mumbai as I was there during lockdown started. Coordinating with Debaloy, the other cast members and hoichoi team was challenging but we wanted to churn out the best series that can be shot from home, for our audience.”

Debaloy Bhattacharya, the Director and Storywriter of #PabitraPuppies exclaimed, “The moment this COVID lockdown started and shooting was shut off for the safety of people, I began writing this story keeping in mind that it can be shot from home, as the series highlights and showcases the story of 7 people, in this present scenario, working from home – doing video calls with family & friends, and also, engaging in online gaming for leisure. The thriller element had to be incorporated and the intrigue built around the story will surely keep the audience hooked. I am grateful to hoichoi for sanctioning this project, very excited to see the responses and reviews.”

#PabitraPuppies, slated to stream this June, has a diverse cast consisting of popular starlets – Vikram Chatterjee, Sohini Sarkar, Saayoni Ghosh, Saurav Das, (former RJ) Sayan, Debopriyo Bagchi (also known as Bubble) & Ankita Chakraborty.


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