hoichoi’s new web series titled Case Jaundice is streaming now!

The surprise package by hoichoi, a new web series titled Case Jaundice is streaming now!

After the initial buzz garnered through the sudden release of the Poster of Case Jaundice, hoichoi went a step ahead by launching the Official Trailer of the Original in a Virtual Press Conference, witnessed for the first time in Eastern India. After the successful build-up, the first 5 episodes of Case Jaundice (total- 10) are streaming now on hoichoi. The rest of the episodes will be streaming from 22nd May.

This series marks a lot of firsts for the cast – it is the first web series of Ankushit is the first web series of Parambrata for hoichoi and finally, it is the first lead role of Anirban Chakrabarti on hoichoi besides his ever-green portrayal of Eken Babu. All 3 of them came together with Director Subhankar Chattopadhay to host a Virtual Press Conference from the Facebook page of hoichoi to discuss their decision to do a web series completely shot from home, which of course has its challenges, and also, to launch the Official Trailer of the series. The VPC (Virtual Press Conference) was moderated by a popular ex-TV journalist of a leading channel.

With the first 5 episodes streaming from today, Case Jaundice is a satire of 10 episodes. Two compelling lawyers, Mr. Sen played by Parambrata Chattopadhyay and Mr. Das played by Ankush present an endearing argument in a courtroom, one of them representing human beings and the other representing coronavirus. In each episode, a debate drives the narrative between Das and Sen, moderated by the Judge played by Anirban Chakrabarti, who at times becomes partial in his witty comments. Every episode has a different case put forth in front of the judge, resulting in humourous conclusions!

Here are the 10 episodes with an idea about the cases the two lawyers take to court: 

Humans Vs. Corona (In Bengali: Manush Bonam Corona Virus)

Police Vs. Mask (In Bengali: Police Bonam Mukhosh Pora Jonogon)

Private Vs. Public Society (In Bengali: Ruddho Shomaj Bonam Khola mela Shomaj)

Work Vs. Home (In Bengali: Office Bonam Poribar) 

Man Vs. Wild (In Bengali: Badurkheko Bonam Aw-Badurkheko)

Work From Home Vs. Work From Office (In Bengali: Work From Home Bonam Work From Office)

The Slumber Vs. The Bong (In Bengali: Lyadh Bonam Bangali)

Classic Romance Vs. Digital Romance (In Bengali: Shonaton Prem Bonam Digital Prem)

Cinema in Theatres Vs. Censorship Board (In Bengali: Cinema Hall’er cinema Bonam Censor Board)

The Police Vs. The Pro-Corona People (in Bengali: Police Bonam Coronar Kaachkola)

Parambrata Chattopadhyaythrilled about the release of Case Jaundice, said, “We had a lot of fun shooting from home, though a lot of challenges were there, however, the end result was to enthrall the audience with a fun yet witty web series and I think we have delivered it quite successfully. Hoping our audience resonates with our thoughts too.”  

Ankush, added, “Hosting a virtual press conference with my fellow cast members and director was an unusual & unique activity, ideated and executed by the glorious team of hoichoi. We worked twice as hard to deliver this content and it was all for our audience; their entertainment is our number 1 priority. Case Jaundice is a series that highlights the issues and crises of the World now and thus, becomes relatable and relevant for everyone to watch!”

Case Jaundice is streaming now with its first 5 episodes, followed by the next 5 on 22nd May, exclusively on hoichoi.


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