Kinsane Entertainment brings fun, engaging kid-safe content to the U.S. market

Kinsane Entertainment, Inc. announces a content distribution partnership with batteryPOP, a digital video, and marketing platform for kids in the US. Kinsane creates a wide variety of videos and games featuring endearing and original characters that have been crafted to become global iconic brands. Through this alliance, Kinsane will make available its fresh, exclusive and original animation and live-action video content in the U.S. market.
batteryPOP has a strong US distribution network across advertising, subscription, telecom and broadcast. Its existing partnerships include Amazon Prime instant video, Ameba, Funbrain, Verizon, Samsung Kids, Kabillion and Poptropica, among others. The association supports Kinsane’s ongoing strategy to bring the best of kid-safe content to the U.S. market. The two companies will work together to ensure secure and age-appropriate content reaches young audiences.
On the partnership with batteryPOP, Kurt Inderbitzin, Co-Founder, and CEO Kinsane Entertainment Inc said, “We see major disruption globally in the kids’ digital entertainment space. Over the last few years, there has been a paradigm shift in the way kids consume online content and if the power of smartphones is used optimally to turn them into learning tools, kids’ can benefit significantly. According to eMarketer, digital video consumption among children under 11-years in the United States is expected to jump 74 percent in 2019. Kinsane sees this growth as a huge opportunity and intends to capitalize on it by providing, world-class, entertaining and kid-safe content to the masses. More than this, we plan to have all our content be educative, interactive and nurturing human values of care and compassion along while helping kids learn basic life skills. Our association with batteryPOP falls in line with our goals, to offer the best of videos and games that enhance learning for kids. We are proud of this partnership and look forward to a long association with batteryPOP.”
Greg Alkalay, Founder, and CEO batteryPOP added, “We are a platform that features a wide variety of videos, cartoons, music, and blogs for kids and ensures that it is age-appropriate for viewing. We are constantly looking out for partnerships with brands that offer exclusive, original and premium content. Kinsane offers kid-safe content, with characters that are individualistic and deep-rooted. The unique universes that have been built around their characters are intriguing and amusing. Kinsane’s quality of content, unique music, idealistic characters and the underlining mindfulness of kids’ security has played a crucial role in our decision to enter into a partnership with them. We look forward to providing kids with access to Kinsane’s exclusive library on our distribution network”.
The partnership draws on the natural synergies between both brands. Kinsane will leverage the partnership to provide its educative yet engaging content to the U.S. market, while batteryPOP will get access to Kinsane’s fun and exciting video library.

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