Kubbra Caught In Her New Fierce Avatar!

Kubbra Sait

Chirpy, chatty and absolutely ‘cuckoo’ that’s Kubbra Sait for you. Managing to make everyone stop and look up to her with her remarkable & confident performance as a transgender, the actor single-handedly stole the show and praise from the audience, whereas many thought that taking up this role will make her image limited to the character she played, she is proving them wrong, one role at a time.

Caught prepping for her next assignment, Kubra is all set to break a few more myths that says she is only as good as the last role she played. While we wonder, is this for a new acting role or for her next endorsement project? We sure agree, that she looks absolutely fierce and her confidence radiates from her expression. And she has been doing exactly that, leaving her cushy, high-paying almost perfect job when she decided to choose what she really wanted to do.

Determined to slay every role that comes her way, she is all set to face everything that comes her way. This definitely makes us believe that her fierce mode only adds to her talent and beauty, no wonder she is already loved by all.

In monochromatic, all white, Kubbra -the upcoming unconventional woman, seen in minimal make-up, doesn’t look less than a Diva leaving us to guess on what she has for all of us next! She definitely doesn’t need layers on her personality or face to pull off any role that comes across her.

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