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Kurkure Adds ‘Chatpatapan’ To Bigg Boss Season 13

MediaInfoline January 15, 2020

Kurkure delighted its fans by adding some ‘Chatpatapan’ to the country’s number one non-fiction show, Bigg Boss!

Staying true to the brand’s essence, the housemates were divided into teams for the unique Kurkure Vigyapan Mein Chatpatapan’ Taskwherein they were asked to try their hands at creating their own Kurkure advertisements while bringing alive the brand’s off-beat and one-of-a-kind positioning, ‘Khayaal Toh Chatpata Hai’. The brand has always aimed to add quirky masti’ into the everyday lives of its consumers through its wide array of delicious product offerings and zany advertising, making this task the perfect means to add the ‘Kurkure twist’ to Bigg Boss.

 The two teams – Team Kurkure Solid Masti and Team Kurkure Masala Munch – were led by Shehnaz and Mahira, who donned the roles of the entertaining ‘Ms. Kurkure’ for each of their team’s advertisements, perfectly in line with their highly-entertaining and dhamaakedaar personalities.

Both teams – Team Kurkure Solid Masti including Mahira, Paras, Vishal, and Madhurima, and Team Kurkure Masala Munch including Shehnaz, Siddharth, Rashmi and Asim – were given an hour’s time to come up with creative and fun advertisements.

On the basis of a number of parameters including a chatpata twist in the ad script and effective usage of the brand tagline and props, Team Kurkure Solid Masti aced the challenge and were rewarded with an exclusive chance to raid the Bigg Boss Supermarket for 2 minutes and pick-up a total of 10 items.

While the entire nation has already been hooked to the blockbuster show for the masala it brings to the screen, the Kurkure task has surely taken the spice and fun in the house up by several notches!


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