Lets’ Binge-watch these book adaptation titles available on Digital

Lets’ Binge-watch these book adaptation titles available on Digital

While Anushka Sharma announced her digital debut inspired by a crime-thriller book written by Sudip Sharma, the streaming services have left no stone unturned to create interesting shows out of best-selling books. With digital platforms like Amazon Prime Video having the best of entertainment. Binge-watch your favorite television shows is no longer a hassle task! However, have you ever realized that many of our most loved content are adaptions from novels? This World Book Day, we will take you through popular shows created from adaptations from novels.

Afsos-  On the theoretical level, this is a potentially interesting premise for a series. A morose man with a death wish who wants to end his life, but can’t. So he hires professionals to do the needful. Afsos is based on the Bengali book Golper Goru Chaande. Binge-Watch Afsos on Amazon Prime Video.

Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan– John Karasinski starrer Prime Original Series Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan is an adaptation from the fictional “Ryanverse” written by Tom Clancy. There have been various Jack Ryan adaptions that have turned into films, but this is the first time Jack Ryan is featured in a gripping series. Binge-Watch Jack Ryan on Amazon Prime Video.

Sacred Games- With Netflix hinting at a season 2, Sacred Games has taken the Indian audience by storm. Much like the book written by Vikram Chandra by the same name, the series brings out a story of the dark side of Mumbai and evokes strong emotions of friendship and betrayal.

Game of Thrones– With the 8th season now available for viewing, diehard fans would know that the epic series Game of Thrones is based on George R.R. Martin’s series of books “A song of Ice and Fire”. The first season was closely adapted from the first novel of the series; A Game of Thrones. Once the show took off, there had been substantial changes in the storyline. However, Martin did contribute to one script per season.

Sex and the City The story of Carrie Bradshaw and her friends living the New York life is not something we are unfamiliar with. The unusual drama series filled with controversies ran from 1998 to 2004 and was based on Candace’s Bushnell’s series of essays: “Sex and the City”. Binge-Watch Sex and the City on Amazon Prime Video.

The Man in The High Castle- Amazon Prime Original Series, The Man In The Castle is loosely based on the alternate history novel by the same name, written by American historian Phillip K. Dick. The series takes a look at what the world would look like if the World War II turned out differently where Germany and Japan won WWII. Watch The Man in the High Castle on Amazon Prime Video.

I love Dick- Chris Kraus’ I Love Dick is considered as an important novel in feminism. Like the Prime Original series, I love Dick tells a tale of a married couple and their obsession with a professor name Dick. The story is told Rashomon style and portrays the unraveling of a marriage from two very contradictory point of view. Watch I love Dick on Amazon Prime Video.

American Gods– An American fantasy drama based on Neil Gaiman’s book “American Gods”, is now adapted into a television series is a war between the Old Gods and the New. Gaiman is known for his absurd story lines and science fiction literature. Prime Original Series American Gods is a story revolves around the old mythological Gods from around the world are threatened by the fear of irrelevance as their believers are now induced by the offerings from the New Gods. Watch American Gods on Amazon Prime Video.

Pretty Little Liars – The cult television series which got its viewers engrossed in knowing A’s next move, is adapted from Sara Shepard’s novel series “Pretty Little Liars”. The series follows the lives of four high school best friends who are threatened by a stranger named A. The series is loosely taken from the book, though the series and the book share similarities, they have been altered as the story plays out. Watch Pretty little Liars on Amazon Prime Video.

Good Omens – The highly anticipated series Good Omens is all set to stream on Amazon Prime video, is actually an adaptation from Neil Gaiman’s book “Good Omens”. Good Omens revolves around a story of an angel and demon duo who put their differences aside to team up to prevent the world from ending. Watch Good Omens on Amazon Prime Video.

What are you waiting for? The amazing titles are just a click away!

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