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Manzar Studios ropes in Director Surya Balkrishnan & Writer Rajiv Rajaram

Madhushree Chakrabarty April 23, 2021

India’s leading content studios, Manzar Studios ropes in Director Surya Balkrishnan and Writer Rajiv Rajaram for their next Tamil film. The next film will be a comedy-drama showcasing the story of a single woman in her late 30s who has just walked out of a long-term relationship. Now, she impulsively decides to have a baby and become a single parent at any cost.

Surya Balkrishnan leads his own advertising production house and has worked on various important projects of her career including Right Forward and Train Station. 

Madurai-based notable writer Rajiv Rajaram has worked at Aaha Kalyanam and Moone Moonu Varthai. He is also the founder of digital media brands like Put Chutney and Rascalas.

Sharing his views on the upcoming movie, Mr. Sunil Doshi, Director, Manzar Studios said, “We are excited to announce our next project and are particularly looking forward to working with some of the most promising creative talents in the industry such as Surya Balkrishnan and Rajiv Rajaram. The goal of Manzar Studios is to change the storytelling process by focusing on comfort viewing experiences while making culturally and contextually resonating movies for Indian audiences.”

Annapoorna Virdi, Content Executive, Manzar Studios shares, “At Manzar, we are committed to telling stories which are universal, heartfelt and reflect the times that we are in. This story and this character, in particular, is a product of our current times, and will prod us to initiate discussions with our loved ones about topics which are important and yet more often than not brushed under the carpet.”

Film-maker Surya Balkrishnan shares, “It’s been such a joy creating this character on paper. We can’t wait to get down to actual filming and crafting her for real. Beginning this journey with Manzar Studios is an honor and I am looking forward to telling this real, heart-warming yet fun story.”

Writer Rajiv Rajaram shares, “One of the most fascinating things about this movie that interested me was its take on growing up or adulting as the millennial generation calls it. The sheer universality of the idea is something that makes it ripe for the ever-inquisitive Tamil audience to savor and enjoy. Collaborating with Manzar Studios on this spectacular project is a great opportunity to showcase this amazing story.”


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