From de-stressing Farah Khan to Spreading Smiles on Frontliners’ faces, here’s how the Zee Comedy Show is gearing up for its launch!

Mayur Jumani has created a song #HasiOnStressGone on the show

Amidst the ongoing pandemic, every other individual is stressed about their future. Therefore, ZEE TV makes an attempt to lighten up the nation’s collective mood by offering some much-needed humor and rib-tickling comedy on its upcoming reality show, Zee Comedy Show. The show will be premiering tomorrow i.e., 31st July and will be airing every Sat-Sun at 10 PM on Zee TV. The show boasts of some of the country’s best comedians and artists putting their ‘funny’ foot forward in a bid to make the show’s judge – none other than the witty and humorous ace choreographer-turned-filmmaker Farah Khan LOL her heart out. After all, #HasiOnStressGone!

Farah’s new family on the Zee Comedy Show including Chitrashi Rawat, Ali Asgar, Punit J. Pathak, Ballraaj and Divyansh Dwivedi has come up with the wackiest Reels. Soon, it all picked momentum as popular social media influencers like Mohamad Zama, Karan Sonwani, Ankita Saigal, Sukrutii, and many others jumped onto the bandwagon of making Farah laugh! The Famous musical influencer Mayur Jumani created a catchy song for her with video montages of himself in a simulated rap-style conversation with Farah. The unique song titled #HasiOnStressGone was able to garner over 2.3 Mn views on Instagram within 3 days, and is gaining more traction by the minute!

While all of this certainly cheered Farah up and made her ROFL, Farah revealed she is all set to regale audiences with her gang of mad-caps from Zee Comedy Show and their wholesome, family-friendly comedy which will help everyone beat the blues every weekend! She said, “The whole scenario in the country has got everyone stressed out, including me. With so much happening around, I do get stressed out at times. I never thought Mayur, so many of my fans and my own Zee Comedy Show family would go out of their way to make me laugh, but I must say the #HasiOnStressGone song and the hilarious videos really made me laugh. I can’t wait for all the people across India to be stress-free as well. Hence, we are coming out with Zee Comedy Show which is an attempt by Zee TV to lighten up everyone’s mood through humor.

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