MN+ announces special line-up of Oscar movies with Academy Club

MN+ announces special line-up of Oscar movies with Academy Club

The Gold Class of Hollywood movies, MN+ has announced special programming and an Oscar Special property – Academy Club. The special programming will offer Oscar-winning titles every Monday to Thursday at 9 pm for its cinema connoisseurs and discerning viewers. 

Academy Club is commencing ahead of the 93rd Academy Awards. MN+ is ushering in the celebration of the Oscar season with a series of handpicked movies that defines cinema and showcases the excellence in cinematography, direction, performances of actors, and writing. The special movie line-up feature 16 curated Oscar-winning titles such as West Side Story, Django Unchained, Hannah And Her Sisters, Call Me By Your Name, Some Like It Hot, Raging Bull, Dead Man Walking, Midnight Cowboy, Rain Man, Capote, and  Irma La Douce.

West Side Story – Tensions took the face of tragedy when two youngsters fall in love from rival New York City gangs.

Django Unchained – A freed slave sets out to rescue his wife, with the help of a German bounty-hunter, from a brutal plantation owner in Mississippi.

Hannah And Her Sisters – Hannah’s husband fall in love with Hannah’s sister Lee and her hypochondriac ex-husband revives his relationship with Hannah’s sister Holly. This happens two years apart between two Thanksgivings.

Call Me By Your Name – Set in the 1980s Italy, a seventeen-year-old student gets romantically involved with an older man who has been hired as his father’s research assistant.

Some Like It Hot – Two male musicians enter into an all-female band disguised as women while fleeing from a mob hit. This creates further complications in the story. 

Raging Bull – The movie is based on the life of boxer Jake LaMotta.

Dead Man Walking – A nun comforts a convicted killer on death row and empathizes with both the victim’s families along with the killer. 

Midnight Cowboy – An innocent hustler finds a new friend while traveling from Texas to New York City in search of personal fortune.

Rain Man – Charlie Babbitt, a selfish yuppie travel cross-country with his savant uncle, Raymond after his father left fortune and pittance for both of them.

Capote – The movie is based on Truman Capote’s writing a book about the murder of a Kansas family.

Irma La Douce – A former policeman in Paris falls in love with a prostitute and pays for all of her time in order to get her out of that life.

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