National Geographic’s upcoming documentary ‘Future Cities: How They Are Made’


Due to increasing population, today’s cities are swelling with a rural to urban migration rate of 25 to 30 persons per minute. To manage this rapid change, the country needs to create and maintain smart and sustainable cities. The Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor is a pioneering solution to encourage employment, sustainability and urbanization. Exploring the endeavor to create world-class infrastructure that promotes manufacturing and industrialization in upcoming cities, National Geographic announced its film, ‘Future Cities: How They Are Made’. The documentary follows the effort that goes behind planning and executing the idea behind this project and its positive impact on rural to urban migrants.

Premiering on 26 September on National Geographic, the documentary demonstrates how cutting-edge sustainable technology is being employed to tackle the challenges faced by India’s biggest cities and how millions of citizens stand to benefit from the Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor. From providing investment opportunities to enterprises looking for future-ready infrastructure to providing residential and employment opportunities to rural migrants and urban poor, the 40-minute documentary will showcase the way ahead for India’s future-ready industries and cities.

Commenting on the film, Anuradha Aggarwal, Head – Infotainment and Kids, Star & Disney India, said,“Our film ‘FUTURE CITIES: HOW THEY ARE MADE’ will educate viewers about how India’s upcoming cities will efficiently respond to the growing needs of society while conserving our natural resources. This is a step further in our endeavour to bring innovative and enriching stories to our viewers and familiarize them with the growth stories of our nation.”

Shri K. Sanjay Murthy (IAS), CEO & MD, NICDC said,“We hope this National Geographic film will help viewers understand how new industrial cities are strategizing and evolving according to the changing needs of industries to provide a robust, world class sustainable infrastructure ecosystem while offering immense opportunities to all Stakeholders. The film captures the roadmap for smart, modern and well-connected cities of the future, providing a template for the other similar cities coming across the country.”

National Geographic’s upcoming film, ‘Future Cities: How They Are Made’, will premiere on 26 September, 8 pm on National Geographic.

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