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What does it take to overcome the toughest hurdles that life throws at you and break the constant loop of failure? A young girl called Hannah shows you how as she triumphs all odds against her. After successful premieres of acclaimed movies such as ‘Once Upon A Time In… Hollywood’ and ‘Eighth Grade’, Privé Premieres on &PrivéHD brings yet another thought-provoking tale with the premiere of ‘Overcomer’.  Come Saturday, June 14, 2020 feel a rush of inspiration as the premium destination for nuanced cinema showcases the other side to undeterred spirit and faith with the film premiering at 1PM and 9PM. Directed by Alex Kendrick and starring himself and Aryn Wright-Thompson in leading roles, the film, at its core, revolves around reaffirming one’s religious faith in bringing about a change in perceiving life differently.

The film is about a basketball coach John Harrison (Alex Kendrick) who is suddenly asked to coach the cross-country team due to unforeseen circumstances. With no prior experience, support or even a formidable team, he comes to terms with his new reality. An unfortunate turn of events for him occur when no one turns up for the team trials except a lone asthmatic girl, Hannah Scott (Aryn Wright-Thompson) with a passion for running. A coincidental life changing meet with Thomas Hill (Cameron Arnett), a former cross-country runner who is now blind and diabetic gives him the much-needed perspective to reaffirm his faith in his only student, Hannah. A journey of self-discovery in the end sees her shoulder the hopes of her coach and peers as she finally competes for the much-coveted state champion race with a changed mindset.

Will Hannah succeed in turning the impossible into reality?

Come witness how belief and faith can go a long way in moving mountains or splitting seas as &PrivéHD premieres ‘Overcomer’ this Saturday, June 14, 2020 at 1 PM and 9 PM

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