&PrivéHD airs ‘Sleepless In Seattle’ under Privé Mix


It’s Christmas eve in Seattle but, amidst the glitter and cheer, a doting husband grieves his wife’s demise. A story of love, loss and destiny and a cult classic – ‘Sleepless In Seattle’ is one film that truly evokes feelings of instant warmth and romance. Showcasing this heart-warming delight of all time, &PrivéHD, the premium destination of nuanced cinema, is set to air the romantic-comedy on Thursday, November 28, 2019 at 9 PM. Having been nominated at the Academy Award for Best Screenplay and Best Music and with Nora Ephron in her first directorial feature, the film stars the Academy Award-winning actor Tom Hanks along with the Golden Globe-winning actor Meg Ryan in the lead role. Available with the Zee Prime English HD Pack, &PrivéHD invites viewers to witness the timeless romance as part of the month-long property Privé Mix.

The film revolves around Sam Baldwin (Tom Hanks), a widowed father who, thanks to the wiles of his worried son, becomes a reluctant guest on a radio call-in show. Grieving for his beloved wife, he’s an instant hit with thousands of female listeners who deluge his Seattle home with letters of comfort. Meanwhile, inspired both by Sam’s story and by classic Hollywood romance, writer Annie Reed (Meg Ryan) becomes convinced that it’s her destiny to meet Sam. There are just two problems: Annie’s engaged to someone else and Sam doesn’t know yet that they’re made for each other.

Will Sam cross paths with Annie? Will there be new sparks of love?

For those who appreciate nuanced cinema, &PrivéHD brings riveting and award-winning films that stimulate the minds and bring alive the other side of the story with Zee Prime English HD Pack comprising – &PrivéHD, Zee Café HD, &flix HD, LF HD is priced at Rs 25/-.

Witness the eternal romance and a connection so pure between Sam and Annie, as &PrivéHD airs ‘Sleepless In Seattle’, this Thursday, November 28, 2019 at 9 PM

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