&PrivéHD premieres the multi-layered film ‘Life Itself’

&PrivéHD premieres the multi-layered film ‘Life Itself’

Life comes with all kinds of surprises. Some welcoming and others daunting. It’s these ups and downs that help you discover feelings of love, laughter and loss. &PrivéHD brings a multigenerational romantic saga and an unusual drama that revolves around the lives of multiple couples – ‘Life Itself.’ Available with the Zee Prime English HD Pack, the premium destination of nuanced cinema premieres this heart-warming movie on SaturdayDecember 21, 2019 at 1 PM and 9 PM.

This offbeat romance of multiple couples is directed by the three-time Emmy award winner Dan Fogelman. The movie features Olivia Wilde as Abby, four-time Academy Award Nominee and two-time Golden Globe award winner Annette Bening as Dr. Cait Morris, three-time Golden Globe award nominee Mandy Patinkin as Irwin Dempsey and two-time Golden Globe award winner Oscar Isaac as Will.

As a young New York couple goes from college romance to marriage and the birth of their first child, their journey of unexpected twists and turns creates reverberations that echo over continents, affecting the lives of another family across the ocean. The movie depicts feelings of love and loss by following the life of Will, a screenwriter, who spirals after his pregnant wife, Abby (Olivia Wilde), leaves him. His struggles affect his daughter Dylan, who grows into a troubled young woman living in New York City. Her life intertwines with that of Rodrigo, a traumatized young man who grew up on an olive plantation in Spain. The decisions made by their ancestors ripple through the decades to bring them together.

Experience the unpredictability of life through the lens of a doting couple as &PrivéHD premieres ‘Life Itself’, this SaturdayDecember 21, 2019 at 1 PM and 9 PM.

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