Raghu Dixit melody for the Science fiction film: Mysore Masala

Raghu Dixit

Mysuru born Raghu Dixit is now a part of the Sci-fi film Mysore Masala Directed by Ajay Sarpeshkar. Raghu Dixit has created the only song in the film that is contextual and apt for the mood being portrayed. The song is a melancholic, haunting melody that will be the happening, catchy and satisfying tune for the long drives, for the rainy days and for somber moods. The song is a beautiful and addictive tune that explores the depth of attachment to a loved one.

The duration of the song is around 5 minutes. Composed and sung by Raghu Dixit with lyrics from Vasuki Vaibhav. The Song is set to release on the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi.

Ajay Sarpeshkar Director of the film says “I wanted a song that would highlight the predicament of the protagonist in his quest to find his lost love. The melody needed to be new age yet rooted locally. Raghu took the brief and created a fantastic song that I’m addicted to. We’re excited and cannot wait to share it with Karnataka and the world”.

Raghu Dixit who is a singer par excellence is a multilingual performer and has created his own space in the music world says, “Neenillade, is probably one of my best compositions in recent times and I cannot thank Ajay Sarpeshkar enough for this opportunity. I am lucky that Vasuki Vaibhav agreed to write the lyrics and he has done a phenomenal job – the words are heart wrenching describing the state of the protagonist (Srinivas) who is separated and longing for his lover. I do believe that this song will remain the people’s minds for years just like Munjaane Manjalli or Neene Beku and will become one of the most demanded songs in my live concerts! I must have recorded and rerecorded the song at least 10-12 times to get every word, every element and emotion right! I can’t wait for its release and for me to perform it live on stage soon”. 

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