Rizzle introduces Rizzle Series with popular YouTubers and Creators


Rizzle launches Rizzle Series, which are original and episodic video series that may be scripted or non scripted. The unique feature of the Rizzle Series are that, these are binge worthy content and are short and vertical with a span of an average of 12 minutes. Some of the famous YouTubers and creators such as Humm Tumm, Anam Darbar, Funcho, Sushma Chhikara, Naveen Sharma, Half Engineer, Angry Prash, This Is Sumesh, etc. have been creating their series in the platform.

The contents in Rizzle Series range in all kinds of genres such as comedy, romance, drama, action, horror and thriller which is available in Hindi, English, Tamil, Telegu, etc.

One of its most viewed series (1.4 million views), Padosan Ke Saath Setting, starring This Is Sumesh is a rom-com filled with dramatic twists and hilarity. The story line of the series is a simple guy falls in love with a neighbour and his feelings were reciprocated by the girl as well.

The other one with a massive views of more than 900k is Road to her Heart that has been launched in Diwali, by a Mumbai based agency No Filtr. The series features Naveen Sharma and Anam Darbar. The agency has also launched Aakhri Dinner starring Angry Prash and Funcho, last month.

Next is Pati Patni aur Sala, that was released last month by Half Engineer. The comedy series is all about the a husband trying to get rid of his brother-in-law and the series has already received more than 140k views.

Middle-Class Father is another drama series with over 380k, by Nishant Chaturvedi which narrates a story of an ageing single dad who is neglected by his son and daughter-in-law.

The Rizzle Series by Sushma Chhikara, Types of Neighbours is of comedy genre and is about typical neighbours. This series has also received more than 200k views.

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