SABGROUP’s Dabangg brings Shiv Devotees closer to KanwarYatra with exclusive devotional melodies

SABGROUP’s premier Bhojpuri channel Dabangg, pays homage to the KanwarYatra commencing this week wherein Shiv devotees can now break dawn with the festive special ‘Bhakti Sagar- KawariyaVishesh’ and newly introduced ‘ChalKawariya Shiv KeDham’ programmes. Being #1 in UP, Bihar and Jharkand region  with its massive reach of 10.2 Million in morning time band itself, Dabanggpromises to harmonize the mornings of viewers and lend positive energy through timeless spiritual music.

The KanwarYatra marks the annual pilgrimage of Shiva’s devotees purposed to obtain the holy waters of Ganga.The ‘Bhakti Sagar- KawariyaVishesh’5am onwards,will initiate the mornings and be furthered by ‘ChalKawariya Shiv KeDham’ 7am onwards, which will feature Shiv-dedicated music with the Anchorsnarrating a prominent story of Shiv in every episode.

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