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Sameera Reddy and Malini Agarwal come together to promote Body Positivity and Self Love

MediaInfoline July 12, 2019

Bollywood actress Sameera Reddy and Malini Agarwal, digital influencer and founder of MissMalini Entertainment addressed the issue of body shaming, online trolling and its repercussions on one’s mental well-being. The discussion stemmed from Sameera’s latest campaign #PerfectlyImperfect video where she flaunts her gorgeous pregnant self allowing fans to see her sans make up or filters and understand that it’s natural and beautiful to be imperfectly perfect.

As a strong digital influencer, Malini Agarwal has been seeking to unleash positivity and kindness on the Internet in order to curb trolls. The first step to achieving this is getting rid of the mindset that everything and everyone must look perfect all the time.

“When people feel uncomfortable with their real self, they begin to despise anyone else who is imperfect and still receives public acceptance and validation. They choose to deal with this by trolling and spreading negativity in order to feel good about themselves. The best way to handle the situation is by creating a shield of empathy and kindness around yourself and understanding that people trolling you are troubled and the issue lies in them, not you.” said Malini Agarwal.

With a baby on the way, actress Sameera Reddy shared similar sentiments and expressed how trolling has affected her during pregnancy and how she chose to fight the battle. She said, “It is important to accept flaws and show the world what you really are. Trying to hide yourself behind filters and camera angles will only make you overtly self conscious. Let loose and see how happy it makes you.”


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