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Sennheiser’s Historic Step Towards Creating Unique Experiences

MediaInfoline January 9, 2019

Sennheiser has recently announced yet another historic case that is a testament to its journey of constantly shaping the future of audio and creating unique sound experiences for customers. Neumann, a part of the Sennheiser group and the world’s leading manufacturer of studio microphones, has sold two units of its legendary Neumann U67 mic to a studio that is synonymous with the Bollywood industry – the iconic Yash Raj Studios. This sale has made Yash Raj Studios the first ever to own the Neumann U67 mic in India.

What’s made this an even bigger milestone for Sennheiser is the person who was the first one to record their voice on this mic. Post the setting up of the mic in the studio, the first recording was done by the most venerable, respected, talented and exemplary singers the Bollywood industry has ever seen – non-other than Ms. Asha Bhosale ji.

Commenting on this memorable landmark, Mr. Vipin Pungalia, Director Professional Segment at Sennheiser Electronics India, said, “This is truly a moment of great pride and honor for us. We believe every brand always aims to create unique experiences for its audience. When we see some of the most iconic and respected names in the industry ever are seeking value from our products, we feel immense joy and honor in saying that we on the right path. With over a 70-year history that has been built on the culture of innovation and a vision to shape the future of the audio industry, Sennheiser has always been committed to creating products that don’t just understand the needs of the users, but also help the audio industry evolve. We would like to truly thank both, Yash Raj studios, as well as Asha ji, for allowing us the opportunity of contributing in a little way to the evergreen music they so beautifully create.”

On the purchase of Neumann U67, Mr. Vijay Dayal, Renowned Sound Engineer, said, “It was a phenomenal experience to have conducted this workshop for the pro audio industry on behalf of Neumann. We had an overwhelming response with such positive turnout of industry professionals, budding musicians, composers and sound engineers, myself and Meghdeep had a great time and the session was very interactive. We discussed everything, from the basics of Music mixing and Music production, till the details of each tracks in a chart buster. We are glad we could guide many on the process and workflow in making music. Hope this continues in the future as well. I personally, and on behalf of the pro audio industry, really appreciate Jibu Ramachandran for his sharp understanding of the industry, knowing what the industry wants and coming up with such unique events and thanks to Neumann and Sennheiser India for putting it together. I look forward to many such events in future.”

Sennheiser’s Master Class for the Future of Audio

In addition to this, earlier this month, Sennheiser organised a learning experience unlike any other – A Master Class with the Hit Makers of Bollywood in Mumbai. This daylong session aimed to engage with budding sound engineers and give them the right guidance and training as an impetus to their growth in the industry, as well as reach out to potential prosumers.

Organised exclusively with Neumann, the leading manufacturer and industry-standard of studio microphones and speakers, this master class had two legendary professionals from Bollywood’s music industry – Music Producer Meghdeep Bose and Sound Engineer Vijay Dayal, share their learnings, inspirations and techniques from some of their greatest hits over the years with aspiring designers and musicians.

Mr. Meghdeep Bose, Renowned Music Producer, said, “Neumann has been a key element in the evolution of music and recording industries. I believe, the workshop held at YRF studios by Sennheiser India and Neumann has strengthened my morale towards my vision of inducing great studio-based etiquette to the upcoming generation of music producers and engineers. It was such a delightful experience to conduct a workshop alongside Mr. Vijay Dayal, who’s a pioneer in the field of sound. I express my gratitude to Jibu Ramachandran who has been a pivotal person to churn this into reality and achieving a turnout of more than 120 participants including everyone from professionals to beginners. I was surprised by the detail to which the participants had researched our works and had so much thirst to learning. Looking forward to many more of such workshops across the country.”


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