Shilpa Shares Her Fitness Mantra With Kareena On 104.8 Ishq

Shilpa Shares Her Fitness Mantra With Kareena On 104.8 Ishq

Kareena Kapoor Khan is not only known for her bold attitude, but having aged like wine, the actress is very much conscious when it comes to her health and fitness. Taking this to another level, the healthy mom, who has inspired a lot of mothers through her post-pregnancy weight loss journey, spoke to none other than the fitness diva of Bollywood Shilpa Shetty Kundra on fitness and other related topics. In an interesting conversation with the latter, she spoke and discussed about different types of diets, fitness that became a part of Shilpa’s life since childhood, awareness in regards to food, her role model when it comes to fitness and wellness, mental health among others on ‘What Women Want 2’ on 104.8 Ishq.

Talking about her penchant for fitness, whether she follows any diet Shilpa said, “I used to stay fit as I used to play Volleyball and do karate in my school days. So, the fitness culture somehow got ingrained due to the regime. There are certain pre-conceived notions in regards to the food and diets in terms of how it should be oil-less, taste-less and less carbs which needs to be debunked. When comes to food, one doesn’t need to make comprises but one should be live, breathe and eat in awareness. Don’t run away from eating. But just pay attention to what, when and how much to eat.”

When asked about her role model in fitness, how mental health is important for everyday fitness and tips for young girls who sees her as an inspiration for fitness and wellness, Shilpa added and said, “Just look at Rekha Ji. She’s so fit for her age. Jennifer Lopez, she’s 50. I desire to have a body like hers. At 50, I’ll be sleeping in the gym. Coming to my mental health, I focus most of the time on Pranayama. Yoga hasn’t only changed but rather aligned my mind, body and soul. The way I breathe has changed my perspective on life. I take out 12 minutes for myself after my day ends and meditate. To the people who are going through the phase of depression and can’t tell anyone, I would strongly advise them to seek help without getting hesitated. You can’t share everything with your family; hence you need to share things with someone who is unbiased. People do lose a lot of their time in thinking about yesterday which shouldn’t be the case. Focus on today and live in the moment.” 

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