Sonakshi Sinha takes on body shaming and trolling #BiggerThanThem

Sonakshi Sinha takes on body shaming and trolling #BiggerThanThem

As Myntra Fashion Superstar moves towards its grand finale, the competition is heating up. The 7th episode of the 8-part series, saw an intense battle between the top four contestants who gave their best shot to be the nation’s top fashion influencer. #NoFilter was the challenge put up by the ever-so-bold-and-beautiful Sonakshi Sinha during this week that required contestants to open up and own their most agonising reality – with no filters. As a person who has established herself as an actor, fashion and style icon, by virtue of her hard work and resolve, there is no  challenge that Sonakshi hasn’t endured in her career and she has no qualms being candid about it. Sonakshi kick-started the show by owning up to her anxiety for being affronted on her weight and how she overcame those to be proud of what she is, taking on her trolls head-on. In a powerful video which starts with her reading out some of the most hurtful trolls on her feed, she spoke directly to trollers about what she thinks of the trolls and how she’s #BiggerThanThem – pun intended. “I’m not a number on the scale” she said and ended it rather explosively by saying “Sonakshi Sinha Kabhi Nahi Hogi Khamosh.”

With this video, Sonakshi has opened a conversation about body positivity that was long due. The video has got a spectacular response, garnering half a million views and thousands of shares in less than 24 hours. Through this video Sonakshi Sinha has not only inspired the contestants but also asked her fans to share their #BiggerThanThem story. Meant to drive awareness around Myntra Fashion Superstar‘s 7th episode, this video is a great example of using social conversations to drive brand message

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