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Sonam Kapoor on #MeriRealLife – says Social Media Is Her ‘Frenemy’

MediaInfoline November 1, 2018

Anupama Chopra is back with an interview with another social media savvy celebrity on her YouTube Channel, Film Companion, which is based on the theme #MeriRealLife where she gets Bollywood stars to share their experiences with social media.

In the latest episode she chats with the ‘Neerja’ fame actress Sonam Kapoor who shares how social media took away her valuable time. She also mentions the negativity present on social media platforms and what led her to quit a popular micro blogging site. Watch the full episode on YouTube.

Talking about the pressures of being on social media, the leading actress says on the show, “I can connect with my followers on social media but there’s the other side, where you can have trolls getting together and bullying you.”

Earlier this month, Sonam Kapoor – known for being outspoken on social media – announced that she was going off a popular social media platform, citing ‘negativity’. The actress has 12.3 million followers on the site and another 15 million on another popular photo sharing app.

#MeriRealLife interview series by Anupama Chopra is based on Idea 4G #MeriRealLife campaign which urges people to use social media responsibly and highlights the growing phenomenon of people living ‘dual-lives’ due to over use of the medium. The interview series features eminent Bollywood celebrities highlighting their association with social media and how they are battling the pressure of showing only their perfect side on social media. The show intends to bring out #MeriRealLife of Bollywood stars who are idolised by the masses and leaves them with the message of keeping it real on social media.

Idea 4G #MeriRealLife campaign has garnered more than 25.2 million video views across social media platforms and driven 10.7K conversations amongst users sharing their stories on #MeriRealLife.

While chatting with the show host, Sonam shares how connecting with fans from different regions whom she cannot meet in person is a great thing, possible, only because of social media platforms. But, on the other hand social media also gives undue leverage to trolls who unnecessarily pull down celebrities and bully them affecting them emotionally.

Sonam Kapoor on her Relationship with social media: “I think social media is my frenemy. I mean I started this thing about social media campaigns before people started social media campaigns, right? I did these weird campaigns that became wildly successful and now everybody’s doing them. Whether it was for Prem Ratan Dhan Payo or with Neerja or with Khoobsurat, I did a campaign. Marketing campaigns and social media have a very wide reach. I may not have the money to go to every city, but I can connect with my followers on social media and say, ‘My movie is coming out, can you help me?’ But then there’s the other side to it, where you can have trolls getting together and bullying you.” 


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