Sonu Nigam‘s song from Hope Aur Hum will remind you of childhood

Sonu Nigam
The versatile and most accomplished singers of Bollywood Sonu Nigam lends his mesmerised voice for a song of the soon to be released film Hope Aur Hum starring Naseeruddin Shah and Sonali Kulkarni. After a long hiatus, Sonu has lent his vocals to the tune of Achhe Bachhe Rote Nahi picturized almost with all the main characters of the film. The song is composed by Rupert Fernandes and penned by Saurabh Dikshit.
Sonu, as usual, is at his melodious voice to the lyrics of Achhe Bachhe Rote Nahin which is a take on life’s struggles and debacles from the perspective of lead child characters in the film. One should never leave the Hope of something good to happen and live the life as it comes without despair. The song’s lyrics are very apt and connects to the emotions of the masses touching their hearts. Sonu completely takes the charge of the song and rejuvenates one’s soul and mind after hearing it.
Watch the link to the song for you to believe: here

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