Sony YAY!’s 124 city canter bonanza kick-starts this summer!


Sony YAY! aims to take the masti several notches higher! With a massive 124 city van activation, Sony YAY! is all set to amplify its on-ground engagement with kids.

Right from experiencing kid’s favorite Honey-Bunny’s banter and camaraderie to the adventures of KickO in his unique style and swag, young fans are in for a YAY-ride at the canters. In one of the largest canter activations being undertaken by the channel, the activity will give kids an opportunity to get the YAY-experience – up-close & personal. With specially designed vans set to give everyone the reel-to-real experience, Sony YAY! is going all out to transform its pit-stops into YAY-zones.

The van activation promises a fun-filled time for everyone as young fans will be treated to exciting show themed games and a host of other activities. A gaming zone with tabs will also allow kids a chance to “be” their favorite superhero Kicko through the brand new KickO & Super Speedo mobile game. Young fans will get to slay villains, use the uber-cool watch and zip-around Suncity in the gadget-filled super car, Super Speedo! With tons of Sony YAY! branded goodies up for grabs, it will give young YAY-fans a chance to take home some fun-tastic memorabilia.

Young fans can join the fun as the vans will halt and engage with audiences at prominent locations in key cities across Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh, Punjab, Tamil Nadu and West Bengal.

While Sony YAY!’s viewership is already on the rise with the launch of new offerings, a 360-degree marketing plan is making the channel’s presence felt at every possible touch-point. The channel has announced that it will release over 100 hours of fresh content across its hit shows – KickO & Super Speedo, Honey-Bunny ka Jholmaal and Guru Aur Bhole. Further. The channel will also release 13 new movies of the kids’ favorite YAY-toons. Also, Sony YAY! recently released the brand new track of KickO & Super Speedo – #GoKickO, sung by none other than Bollywood sensation, Badshah which has already become a sensation with kids!

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