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Tara Sharma takes on social media to confess how frequent ‘No’ can impact a child

MediaInfoline November 4, 2017

Tara Sharma, a doting mother believes in being an affirmative mother to her two sons Zen and Kai. The actor, who is also a role model for various mothers of the country believes in being relatively easy-going when it comes to handling kids.

The actor in her latest social media post sends out a cue for all the mothers to be cool yet an understanding Yes Mom to their kids. On her social media platforms, she shared a social experiment establishing the effects of being an over-protective mother and always saying ‘no’ to kids. Tara Sharma believes in having a balance in parenting for the best interest of children.

Sharing her thoughts on the social media, Tara commented, “The video opened my eyes to the often over-cautious, worrier side of me that I should perhaps curb a bit and say more YESes! Especially when it comes to kids being kids and getting dirty, or jumping in puddles or being out in the cold etc, which actually with the right immunity boosters, could be great for all our kids physically and emotionally… watch the vide and see how too many NOs may be affecting kids!”

Through this latest message on parenting, Tara perfectly has given guidelines to the many mothers who follow her tips on successful parenting.

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