The Presidents’ Gatekeepers reveals the extraordinary behind the scenes history of the White House Chiefs of Staff


Spanning nine administrations and 50 years, this special two-part series includes interviews with all 20 Chiefs of Staff, who offer behind-the-scenes stories of the toughest job in politics. Featuring several former Chiefs of Staff to Presidents like Ford, Carter, Clinton, Johnson, Bush and Obama, the series takes the viewers through everything that goes on within the White House from setting up daily meetings to dealing with security challenges that arise through civil unrest, terrorism, assassinations, war and scandals among other crises.

Considered as the second most powerful job in Washington D.C., the White House Chief of Staff is the person the President counts on to transform his agenda into reality. He is also the confidante with whom the President, and the First Lady, share their secrets. But what really does an average day in Chief of Staff’s life entail?

41st President of the United States, George H.W. Bush in the documentary said, “He is not only the director of the traffic, but he really follows the issues for the president, in my case, and I relied heavily on the chief of staff.”

To know everything about what goes into performing the toughest job in politics, tune in to ‘The Presidents’ Gatekeepers’, streaming now on discovery+

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