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Tiger Shroff & Disha Patani Share Childhood Prank Stories on MTV Beats

MediaInfoline April 20, 2018

April is still on and so are the pranks. Recently we had the hot alleged couple, Disha Patani and Tiger Shroff, who on MTV Beats shared some of their prank stories. As a child, Tiger did something which probably each one of us in our school days have experimented – sticking chewing gum on another person’s seat. As yuck as that may seem now, back in the day, that was one of the little joys of life. Speaking about the same, Tiger said, “Bohot hi galat kiya tha maine but kisi ke kursi ke neeche maine chewing gum chipkaya and who fir unke bum pe… And that was a very naughty prank by me as a child.”

When we talk about Tiger, Disha Patani’s name is bound to come up as well. So we had her reveal her prank story on MTV Beats as well. Another prank which most of us have been (happily) guilty about committing as a child – prank calls to strangers! Well, Disha was one of us too, speaking about her prank, she said, “jab main choti thi, naye-naye telephones aaye the. Me and my sister, saath mein baith ke kuch random numbers ko dial karte the and we used to just say Hi, main some mata baat kar rahi hoon. Basically, kisi bhagwan ka naam lete the.” Disha didn’t just spill her prank story but also said that nobody should do something like this.

Watch all your favorite B-townies sharing their prank stories, all of April only on MTV Beats!

Tiger“It was really wrong but as a child I had stuck a chewing gum under somebody’s seat which further stuck to the person’s bum. That was quite a naughty prank by me.”

Disha“When I was a child, new telephones had just come up. My sister and I used to sit together and dial random phone numbers. We would just dial and say, Hi main some mata baat kar rahi hoon. Basically, we would just take some god’s name.”


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