TLC launches new show Midnight Misadventures with Mallika Dua

TLC Midnight Misadventures with Mallika Dua

She is confident, innately kind, privileged, misinformed, graceful, unapologetic, well dressed, glamorous and a graceful. Her style is on point, money beyond belief. You must be wondering is it possible to have these characteristics in a not so normal human being. Well, it is. Meet Shalishka- a sassy princess from TLC’s new show Midnight Misadventures with Mallika Dua.

In the backdrop of midnight super chill and comfort setting,Mallika Dua as Shalishka is all set to get into interesting, relaxing and deeply emotional 2 AM conversations with celebrities from different walks of life.

In each episode, Shalishka (Mallika) and one of her close friends will began their adventure armed with whatever they muster from the fridge. She’s a kind of ‘food heiress’ as her culinary arts has been running in her family for generations. Shalishka will develop new recipes; mixing never before mixed ingredients followed by cooking; gossip, healthy conversations and a good face stuffing session over comfort food.

“I love the concept and I am co-developing it with the team especially because I am not a talk show host. I am an actor first and playing Shailishka gives me an opportunity to merge both fiction and nonfiction characters. On the other hand, we will also have real life guests coming in each episode. My character is completely different from the reality and it allows me to act and also to chat with a new celebrity each time and spill the beans of all their food related secrets. Lots for the senses and at the same time complete non-sense too. (Laughs) said Mallika Dua who plays Shalishka.

The line-up of celebrities who have already shot includes names likes Tanmay Bhatt, Vicky Kaushal, Badshah and Rajkumar Rao.

Catch all the food fun on Midnight misadventures with Mallika Dua coming soon on TLC and uncut videos of the shoot on its official YouTube page RISE BY TLC.

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