The trailer of Hello Mini 2, a psychological thriller, is out

The trailer of Hello Mini 2, a psychological thriller, is out

MX Player dropped in the trailer of the Hello Mini 2, the second season of psychological thriller Hello Mini. The first part of the series garnered and IMDb rating of 8.9. The series shows that what fear, stalking, insecurity, and anxiety can do to a person.

The story of the series revolves around Rivanah Bannerjee alias Mini who is an independent girl, whose life turns upside down when a ‘stranger’ without a face starts stalking her. Season 1 ended with some exposed secrets, mended relationships, and clarity in life making her think of her own life again. But, in the second season, the stranger is back in Mini’s life and she is terrified.

After watching the teaser of MX Original Series Hello Mini 2 we are unable to hold out our thrill to watch what happens next in Mini’s life. The second season will reveal who the stranger is. Season 1 kept us all hooked to the series with a rollercoaster ride of puzzling memos, cryptic messages, and random letters. And, this season we get to know that person who is behind all these.

The teaser leave us with many questions in our mind like who is the stranger, is it someone whom she knows, whill she expose some other deep dark secrets of her, is all of these just pranks, is it a lover’s twistes passion, etc.

The teaser pushes us into the mysterious world of Rivanah and her unknown stalker.

The MX Original Series is produced by Applause Entertainment and Goldie Behl’s Rose Audio Visual. The series is directed by Arjun Srivasstava and has been adapted from the novel of Novonveel Chakraborty, Stranger Trilogy. The screenplay has been written by Ayushee Ghoshal and Anand Sivakumaran.

Catch the trailer of MX Original Series Hello Mini 2 here. Stay tuned for more teasers to come up.

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