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Brimming over with talent and redefining the term ‘fiery’ is Parineeti Chopra, seen in the latest episode of Starry Nights 2. Oh! on Zee Café. In a never seen before combination, the actress was accompanied by Shivang and Sahaj Chopra, her brothers who revealed secrets not only about about each other but their very affable star sister as well.

Parineeti spoke in a fun and delightful manner about being children to their ‘Desi dad’ and ‘Videsi mom’. Having grown up in a very diverse upbringing with various cultural influences, she said, “We would all travel to Kenya every summer to meet our grandparents and would travel to different countries. We grew up in a small town, so we had the ‘Adarsh’ and ‘usool’ of small towns but very open minded.”

Speaking about the kind of family that they have been raised in, Parineeti was never inclined to become an actress. Like the rest of the world, she does believe that her sister Priyanka Chopra is the original star and is considered the same in the Chopra household. Speaking about joining the film industry, Parineeti said, “If Mimi didi (Priyanka Chopra) had not been successful in the film industry, I wouldn’t have been allowed because the obvious career choice in the family was either to be a doctor, engineer or pilot.” 

Parineeti was a big fan of one Khan. During the final segment of the show when asked which Khan she would like to work with, pat came the reply- “Saif”, “I never really watched films, the only films I watched were the ones that had Saif in them. After watching LOC Kargil, I couldn’t sleep for 4 days because Saif dies in the film.”

When she met Saif and even Kareena, after joining the industry, she also confessed her love for Saif to both of them, in different instances.

From sibling fights to supporting each other at every step, Parineeti and her brothers spoke about everything under the sun in this fun episode.

Watch Starry Nights 2. Oh! on Zee Café, Sundays at 10 PM!

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