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Welcome the #YAYWaleBappa with Sony YAY!

MediaInfoline September 21, 2018

This year, Sony YAY! celebrated Ganesh Chaturthi in an eco-friendly way and brought alive the different avatars of #YAYWaleBappa with clay!

Kids from Kandivali’s RNA Royal Park in Mumbai, along with their friends got together with the channel’s YAYtoons Honey and Bunny, to drive home the concept of eco-friendly celebrations encouraging kids to create their special versions of the deity. Honey’s encouragement inspired all 100 kids to give it their best shot, while Bunny’s mischief kept the fun alive to its fullest! With lentils, leaves, feathers and flowers – handing out nature friendly embellishments, the YAYtoons made sure every child decorated their idols with a dash of zing and originality.

But the excitement didn’t end just here. While every kid was excited to click a picture with their toon best friends and their #YAYWaleBappa, each of them were gifted a Tulsi plant driving an even bigger message. Inspiring kids to refrain from beach immersions, they were shown how to immerse their idols at home and use the same clay to grow their plants thereby giving them a souvenir for a lifetime, something which they can nurture and call their own – reminding them of this happy experience. These celebrations will culminate with a special group immersion of the idols with all the kids.

Bringing #YAYWaleBappa to wherever kids are, the channel has also begun a contest calling in for entries from children across the country to send in pictures of their handmade eco-friendly Ganeshas. To encourage them to be environmentally conscious, the channel will showcase all these pictures on their social media platforms.

Festivals are an integral part of India’s culture and keeping in mind the special place they hold in our hearts, the channel endeavours to bring in a touch of YAY!ness to these festivals with healthy, future-forward ideas that can positively impact kids. This special Ganesh Chaturthi celebration is a step forward in this direction.

Leena Lele Dutta, Business Head, SPN Kids Genre, commented, “With our philosophy of celebrating unlimited fun, we, at Sony YAY! have always aimed to create memorable experiences for kids and curate experiences that are engaging and enjoyable. Ganesh Chaturthi is a festival that everyone enjoys – lights, music, dance, family, and friends – the festival has it all! But changing times demand that we change the way we celebrate festivals. Children are the future of our society and what better way to bringing alive the dream of a clean society than through these agents of change.”


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