Zee Action to telecast the mass entertainer ‘Zinda Hoon Main’ on 23rd June at 8pm

Zinda Hoon Main on Zee Action

A story of a pampered brat named Kanna, Zinda Hoon Main is known for its racy action sequences and gripping storyline. Set against the backdrop of Guntur, the plot traces the life of a hot-headed middle-class man who attracts trouble as he picks up fights with people around him. Helmed by South’s celebrated director S.K Satya, the movie stars Manchu Manoj and Pragya Jaiswal in lead roles. Zee Action – India’s one-stop destination for action movies is all set to premiere this action movie on Saturday, 23rd June at 8pm.
Kanna a pampered brat who has been raised by his doting father Suryanarayana, keeps getting embroiled in one issue or the other. The hero-centric movie starts with an action scene where he beats up a dozen men while chewing a chilli. One of the many fights Kanna gets into is with a deadly criminal lawyer Seshu, which ends up injuring him badly. While an upset and aggravated Seshu intends on hitting back to take revenge, Kanna falls in love with the lawyer’s only sister Amrita. The plot thickens when he learns about Amrita’s true identity and her affiliation to Seshu.
How will Seshu react when he learns about Kanna and Amrita? Will Kanna’s love be victorious in the battle of love and hatred?
To know what happens, tune in to Zinda Hoon Main on Saturday, 23rd June at 8pm only on Zee Action.

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