Zee Café to Showcase Iconic Show ‘Breaking Bad’ in Hindi for Indian Audiences



Zee Café announces the telecast of the popular series Breaking Bad in Hindi, marking the first time the show will be available in the local language. The channel aims to reach a wider audience and cater to India’s cultural diversity.


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Breaking Bad in Hindi: Breaking Cultural Barriers through Language

In a groundbreaking move, Zee Café has announced the telecast of the critically acclaimed series ‘Breaking Bad’ in Hindi, marking a significant milestone in the Indian television landscape. This move by Zee Café not only showcases their commitment to providing diverse and engaging content but also highlights the power of language in breaking cultural barriers.

‘Breaking Bad’ has garnered immense international acclaim since its debut in 2008, winning 64 Emmy Awards and 7 Golden Globe Awards. Its gripping narrative, exceptional character development, and morally complex storytelling have captivated audiences worldwide. By bringing this iconic series to the Indian audience in their native language, Zee Café is enabling a deeper connection and understanding of the show’s intricate plot and profound themes.

Language plays a crucial role in storytelling, and the availability of ‘Breaking Bad’ in Hindi will undoubtedly attract a larger audience in India. It showcases Zee Café’s dedication to catering to the diverse cultural landscape of the country, allowing viewers from different regions to engage with the show on a more personal level. By removing the language barrier, Zee Café ensures that exceptional content like ‘Breaking Bad’ reaches every corner of the country.

Furthermore, Zee Café’s initiative aligns with the growing trend of bringing foreign language content to Indian audiences. They have been pioneers in introducing K-dramas and Animes in their original language, and their decision to adapt ‘Breaking Bad’ in Hindi showcases their commitment to recognizing and embracing these trends.

The popularity and impact of ‘Breaking Bad’ can be measured by the fact that it has attracted a multitude of celebrity admirers, including Shahrukh Khan, Rajkummar Rao, and Ranbir Kapoor, who have expressed their desire to be a part of the show if ever remade in Hindi. The show’s themes of antiheroism, power, and integrity resonate deeply with audiences, sparking conversations and discussions across various platforms.

By preserving the original plot, characters, and moral integrity that made ‘Breaking Bad’ an international success, the Hindi adaptation promises to strike a chord with the Indian audience. Zee Café’s Chief Business Officer, Mr. Rishi Parekh, rightly emphasizes the significance of reaching the grassroots of India and ensuring that language barriers do not deprive audiences of exceptional content.

The decision to bring ‘Breaking Bad’ in Hindi not only provides an opportunity for viewers to experience one of the greatest television shows in their own language but also highlights the progressive mindset of Zee Café. Their commitment to delivering valuable and engaging content based on viewers’ interests deserves acknowledgment.

As we eagerly await the Hindi adaptation of ‘Breaking Bad,’ we can appreciate Zee Café’s efforts in breaking cultural barriers through language and their dedication to providing diverse and remarkable television experiences. This move sets a remarkable precedent in the Indian television industry and opens doors for more international shows to be accessible to a wider audience.


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Zee Café brings the iconic show ‘Breaking Bad’ for the first time in Hindi language

Zee Cafe today made a pathbreaking revelation about telecasting the very popular show Breaking Bad in Hindi for the Indian audiences. The show which won 64 Emmy Awards and 7 Golden Globe Awards will be available in the local Indian language for the first time. The channel made the announcement in a unique way with a new promo, that gives a desi twist to the lead character Heisenberg.

Zee Cafe has been at the forefront when it comes to bringing foreign language content and were the first ones to introduce K-Dramas and Animes in their programming. They have now hit another ball out of the stadium as they announced the telecast of the most iconic series in the history of television. The show holds its popularity even after more than 10 years of its first date of airing and has been the talking point for fans on social media. The stature of the show can be judged by the fact that celebrities like Shahrukh Khan, Rajkummar Rao, Ranbir Kapoor, Pankaj Tripathi, Anil Kapoor, Siddharth Malhotra amongst others have expressed their desire to be a part of the show if ever it is remade in Hindi.

Zee Cafe in order to build the buzz recently made cryptic posts about the show and received a whooping number of queries from the audiences. These posts also excited Youtubers and influencers and channels like Charcha with Bhurani and Strangers Review who shared their joy in their videos.

Created by Vince Gilligan, the gripping crime drama showcases the transformation of the lead character Walter White from a high school chemistry teacher to a methamphetamine producer in order to save his family’s future. The show focusing on the themes of antihero, power and integrity makes for a riveting watch for the viewers. It answered the question middle-aged men had asked of themselves for generations: what would happen if I quit my boring job and became an outlaw? And… it was quite dynamic and engaging. As of 26th July 2023, the show has been rated 9.5 on IMDb and is one of the critically acclaimed shows loved by critics and viewers alike. It is known for its iconic dialogues, characters and very engaging storyline. Popular AI tools such as Google Bard also identifies Breaking Bad as one of the best television shows of all time.

By bringing the timeless show in the native language of India, Zee Café is reaching a larger audience in the country and catering to the cultural diversity of the country. Sharing his excitement for bringing Breaking Bad in Hindi, Mr Rishi Parekh, Chief Business Officer – English Cluster, Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd. shared, “At Zee Café, we are committed to providing engaging and valuable content to the viewers purely based on their interests. We have been quick to recognize the trends and align with them in our programming. We were the pioneers at introducing K-Dramas and Animes in their original language and now, we are all excited to present the iconic drama Breaking Bad in Hindi. It’s a celebrated series that captivated the hearts of many across the globe and surely deserves to reach to the grassroots of India. The show’s first season aired in 2008 and is still known amongst some of the most critically acclaimed shows of all times. Zee Café is bringing the show in Hindi to ensure more penetration, and to make certain that the language barrier doesn’t keep the audience deprived of some exceptional content. The Hindi adaptation of Breaking Bad protects the original plot, characters and moral stand that made the show an international success and we are confident that the brilliant storytelling of the show brought to the Indian audience in their local language will definitely strike a chord with its viewers.”

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