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Zhang Luoping’s Sunflower to be the closing 8th Jagran Film Festival in Mumbai

MediaInfoline September 25, 2017

Zhang Luoping’s Sunflower will be the closing Film of the 8th Jagran Film Festival in Mumbai that will be screened on 24th September’17.

When Xiangyang was 10 years old, his grandmother passed away and he went to live with his father. Father and son used to be strangers but now they gradually get along very well, something Xiangyang’s step mother did not like. In order to make his family lead a better life, Xiangyang’s father Zhang Hengyuan goes away from home to find work. He secretly leaves 50 bucks for Xiangyang. The money is found Xiangyang’s step mother. It turns worse since Xiangyang cant explain where the money came from. She believes that he stole the money. Xiangyang feels wronged and leaves home to look for his father. When he finally reaches the MINE where his dad works, Zhang Hengyuan’s co-worker tells him that his dad had already headed home. When Xiangyang reaches home with great excitement, only to find his step mother crying hard and his father lying there as if in a deep slumber forever.

Cast and Crew:

Director – Zhang Luoping

Writer – Peipei, Zhang Luoping

Producer – Luo Haifu

Director of Photography – Huang Shaohui

Key Cast – Wu Chao, Hai Erfu, Wang Like


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