ZOOM launches ‘ANKAHEE- The Voice Within’


One of India’s leading entertainment channel, ZOOM is set to challenge social taboos with a twist. ZOOM’s next chat show ‘ANKAHEE – The Voice Within’ will Uncover the truth, shatter your old beliefs and help you see the new world in different light. The first episode aired on Saturday, July 29, 2017, at 10 pm, only on ZOOM.

The show features Ashwini Kalsekar, a firebrand host who is known to stop at nothing but the truth and play the perfect devil’s advocate as she unravels the mysteries of the past.

ZOOM that has been known as a channel that evokes the thought of inspiring cinema is all set to explore a new path with a show that will question every societal norm and will showcase the  changing dogmas of LOVE, RELATIONSHIPS, HAPPINESS and SEX. As society evolves and humans adapt, desires and actions are leading to new questions.

Commenting on the occasion, Mr. Vivek Srivastava, Executive Vice President & Head Entertainment Cluster, TIMES NETWORK, said, In a competitive market like India, it is important that a channel disrupts the status quo to leave its mark. ZOOM has always been a trendsetter and innovator of its genre and with ‘Ankahee – The voice within’ we intended to break away from our existing path and embark on a different journey as we plan to provide the next level of content to our viewers. The show caters to every strata of society and questions the societal norms of today. This show will expand our viewership and help us cater to the growing demand for differentiated content.”

Ankahee – the voice within Season 1 is a 21 part series; a chat show, which deals with relationship issues and taboos related to the same … some are there for ages, some are very contemporary. However, keeping ‘Social Decorum’ and ‘Social Norms’ in place… nobody wants to talk about it openly… log kya kahenge!!!

The episodes will cover topics like Right to abort, Gay Depression, Single moms wants to mingle, cheating, porn addiction, sexual compatibility and sex before marriage to name a few. The show will probe and hear all parties one on one which will finally result in a faceoff round.

Get ready to ZOOM your eyes and minds with ‘ANKAHEE – The Voice Within’ as we sum up issues and weigh who is right and wrong.

Tune in to ZOOM, every Saturday @ 10:00PM

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