Align your taste buds with global-gastronomic-fad with India Gate’s Quinoa

Endorsing the global food-frenzy, India Gate recently launched its Quinoa brand in India, making the country a part of the global food-lifestyle bandwagon. With this launch, India Gate as a brand also expands its product portfolio, adding a new and globally trending food category. With a 120 year heritage and an existence since 1889, KRBL Ltd. is India’s first integrated rice company with a comprehensive product chain. India Gate is one of the most popular brands available in the market under the aegis of KRBL Ltd. This launch is also aimed at reaffirming today’s new reality – Our food represents lifestyle.

A type of edible seed, Quinoa makes for a perfect ingredient for Indian cuisines, giving it’s a healthy spin, starting from Biriyanis to Pulaos to Upmas among others.

Delving deeper in to the food trend, India Gate Marketing Head, Ayush Gupta said, In the recent years people have shown major leaning towards healthy living and eating. However, despite this leaning, their love for junk food wins hands down that leaves them guilty of gluttony. As a result of this guilt, people started experimenting with healthy alternatives in their junk food. With the objective to Indianize the junk food concept we introduced India Gate Quinoa to suit the Indian taste buds.  We aim to maintain the authenticity of the Indian food palette keeping the flavor intact. Hence we believe India Gate Quinoa will prove to be a preferred option among the buyers. Keeping up with this evolution, Quinoa is the perfect solution for all health, palate and lifestyle needs.”

Elaborating on the changing purchasing behavior, he added, Affordability and value for money were some of the major aspects that influenced the purchasing habits of consumers in the past. However, with a hike in the disposable income of millennials, the buying behavior of consumers has evolved and they do not shy away from splurging on what is trending and be on top of the game. This consumer attitude among a lot of other factors, inspired India Gate to launch its own Quinoa brand. Going by the consumer response, we are geared up to lead the super food category in India.

Catering to the evolving consumer base in India, that’s becoming bold in their outlook, Quinoa is not only a super food, but also a way to guilt-free indulgence. A major reason leading this frenzy is the growing trend of guilt-free eating, which is a balanced combination of health and trend. Furthermore, known for its versatility, Quinoa comes with an array of amazing food products on offer, starting from breakfast cereals to beverages and much more. Popular amongst people on gluten-free diet, it is also a preferred ingredient in granolas, breads and crackers. Quinoa flakes and flour is highly recommended to all home bakers to bring their bakes at par to what is being done globally. In the ‘What’s Hot survey of Chefs, 2010’, the ‘National Restaurant Association’ announced Quinoa to be the hottest side dish in the world of restaurants.

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