Barista launches Innovative Desserts Collection – ‘Sweetness’

Barista Dessert Kebab

Barista launches Innovative Desserts Collection – ’SWEETNESS’. The exclusive Barista Desserts Collection products are available at select Barista outlets in Delhi/NCR, Punjab, Kolkata & Mumbai which will bring sweetness to every kind of relationship when the love is in the air.

Starting from Rs 119/- , the new & innovative Desserts Collection includes one of its kind Dessert Kebab (Love Kebab), and uniquely contrived Strawberry Cheesecake in a Jar (love in a jar). Furthermore there is Strawberry Roulade (Swiss Roll) and Red Velvet Gateaux (Cake). Together this makes the Desserts Collection the alluring choice for all and a perfect gifting option for your special ones.

The chefs have created a never seen before innovation in serving the Dessert Kebabs which has a mix of different kind of desserts skewered together to bring unique flavour for the taste buds.  Then there is Strawberry Roulade (Swiss Roll) which is a Strawberry Indulgence rolled up in a nostalgic Swiss roll. Similarly, the craftily worked Strawberry Cheesecake in a Jar (love in a jar) are going to leave a rich taste and lingering memory as they are flavoured cheesecake layered with nutty crunch and brownie chunks served in a Jar, which also make them great gifting option for Valentine. Lastly, there is classic Red Velvet Brownie topped with a rich creamy cheese frosting.

According to Mr. Puneet Gulati, CEO, Barista, “We have brought these innovative offering on to the table for our customers to delight them in every way possible with never seen before Dessert Kebabs & Strawberry Cake In A Jar which are the testimonial of our uniqueness.”

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