Blink Digital creates KFC Bucket Bae

KFC Bucket Bae

Blink Digital designed KFC Bucket Bae, a Valentine’s Day campaign like never before that unites chicken lovers with the Bae of their dreams. In order to bring this idea to life, Blink helped create a robot designed to follow the consumer. When it comes to satisfying your love for KFC, Bucket Bae’s got you covered offering a Hot’n’Crispy bucket of chicken goodness, a chicken popcorn bouquet, and a Krushers drink too. Yet, what really sets Bucket Bae apart is the built-in sensor that allows the robot to follow you everywhere, as true love does.

Talking about this campaign Rikki Agarwal, COO says, “‘People usually have mixed feelings about Valentine’s Day, so this year, KFC decided to play on fans’ love for chicken. We created Bucket Bae as the perfect embodiment of that – a bot with your favorite chicken = the perfect ae for Valentine’s Day. It not only has the classic KFC bucket, but it also works on sensors that allow the bot to match you stride for stride. The thought is simple: true love follows you back.’”

Smitten by the idea, Moksh Chopra, CMO, KFC India said, “There is no love like the love of chicken! And if someone (or something) that follows you around with your favorite chicken isn’t true love, then what is? This Valentine’s Day we wanted to do something unique and add just a dash of (true) love to our consumer’s lives. So, here’s KFC Bucket Bae – a bundle, no, a bucket of love on wheels that follows you through thick and thin, promising to never leave your side. It is surely going to be a finger lickin’ good Valentine’s this year!”

The campaign will roll out four videos on KFC Bucket Bae, which will be pushed out through KFC’s social media channels along with other posts. It is a nine-day long campaign inviting KFC lovers to interact with KFC Bucket Bae through KFC’s social media channels. People can also catch interesting updates by Bae on its Instagram profile @kfcbucketbae.

On February 14, Bucket Bae will mingle with fans across select cities, with cute messages, witty flirting, and even some PDA, for chicken of course! To win a chance to meet KFC Bucket Bae, simply upload a unique declaration of your love for ‘KFC Bucket Bae’ on KFC’s Facebook and Instagram profiles or just swipe right on Bucket Bae’s online Tinder profile. Five lucky chicken lovers will win their own Bucket Baes and take them home.

Check out the #KFCBucketBae video here

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